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Dr. Connelly needs your help.

"In my work, I have seen firsthand how heart disease robs people of their lives too soon. But I believe we are close to a major breakthrough in treatment" - Dr. Connelly, Heart & Stroke Researcher

For the first time in history, Heart & Stroke researchers are using regenerative medicine to test treatments that could reverse heart damage.

But they need your help. That's why we have established the Breakthrough Fund, to ensure a steady stream of funding for cutting edge research in many areas, including regenerative medicine.

A breakthrough in heart disease treatment is within our reach.

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Heart disease is the #1 killer of women globally.

1 in 4 Canadian women will die from heart disease or stroke, and hundreds of thousands of Canadian men and women are living with heart disease. Unfortunately, although today’s treatments might prevent injured hearts from getting worse, they can’t reverse the damage.

The promise of regenerative medicine is we can actually reverse the damage that has been done.

Your support plays a crucial role.

With your support today, researchers could soon help a heart heal itself.

Be part of a breakthrough so that within 5-10 years we see the benefits of research support that is given today.

This advancement will save the people we love from being taken away too soon.

"We need to fund the next breakthrough, so that people don’t have to go through the pain that we have." – Kim Z., whose mother, Tina, passed away at the age of 63.